Eleganto Rancho 5210 Excelsior Rd Sacramento Ca, 95827

Give us a call at 916-628-1242

The Eleganto Rancho is a private, Elegant, Short-Term Rental Estate Situated in Sacramento, CA. We are open to personal gatherings that include guests of the individuals renting the short-term rental are allowed, provided the gathering is an accessory to the use of the rental as short-term lodging. Examples include weddings, quinceaneras, barbeques, family birthdays, baby showers, and other private events. We are located at 5210 Excelsior Rd Sacramento CA, 95827

If you would like to visit us or schedule a private Short-Term Rental tour, please call or email us at elegantorancho@gmail.com or submit a request through the form on this page. Please note that we are a private estate and are not open to the public daily. The Elegant

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